… and proud of it.

This is about the first time I’ve ever had to plan an event of any size before. Normally a family get together starts off at the mention of a free weekend, reasons to celebrate come later.

Well, when the Family spans the western hemisphere, just picking any ol’ weekend in September doesn’t fly, there’s a little orchestration that goes with it (so my mom, Benita, reminded me). It’s June 17th, and a reunion is starting to get on its feet, the only plan is that we’ll be together! For our thoughts and well wishing: Facebook. For planning, we’re putting the shuffle here on http://orta.family

It’s still more than 6 months out, to give everyone some time to make arrangements, it’ll probably be in California, and probably be camping, but I wanted to throw this site up to give everyone a space to make suggestions.

~ Michael

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